Same services. New way of caring for you.

Now is more important than ever to keep in regular contact with your provider. You can now receive the care you need without having to go into the office. Neighborhood Health introduces Video Visits through our Patient Portal and Healow app!

What is a Video Visit?

A Video Visit is a way for you and your provider to connect virtually through a secure internet connection using your smartphone, computer, or any other internet ready device. You can see your provider without physically going into the office to receive the care you need. During your visit your provider will be able to speak with you about how you’re doing, diagnose certain symptoms you are experiencing and come up with a treatment plan.

How do I Schedule a Video Visit?

To schedule, all you need to do is call your provider’s office and they will help to determine if this type of visit is appropriate for you. They will make sure you have an active account through our Patient Portal or Healow app where you will access the Video Visit and help get you set up with either account if you do not already have one.

What is Healow?

Healow is an app for your smartphone, tablet, or iPad where you can access your Video Visit. You can also view your scheduled appointments, and more.

What is Patient Portal?

Our Patient Portal is a way for you to access a Video Visit with a provider using your desktop or laptop computer. These devices must be video and audio enabled for your Video Visit.

How do I get Healow or sign up for Patient Portal?

Simply download the Healow app on your Android or IOS device. You can access our Patient Portal by clicking here to go to our website and clicking on Patient Portal in the top left corner of your screen. If you do not have an active login for Patient Portal or Healow, you may call us at 260-458-2641 and a representative will help you to set up your account.

What do i need for my Video Visit visit?

All you need is a secure network connection, a smartphone, computer with audio and video capabilities , or any other internet ready device.

Will my insurance cover this?

Most insurances are covering this service, especially now. If you are having issues with your coverage you may contact our billing department at 260-458-2641.

What if I don’t have insurance?

We offer a Sliding Fee Discount program for those who are uninsured or underinsured. Call us to speak with one of our representatives for more information.

First time logging into Healow? Click here for some helpful steps on logging in. Use our practice code to easily find Neighborhood Health: BHIHCA.